The Adventurists Gift Guide

     A couple of gift ideas for your adventure and travel loving friends and family!

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1. Nalgene Water Bottle
     I have had multiple Nalgene water bottles over the years and I absolutely love them.  The are durable and practical.  I have had both the narrow and wide mouth versions, but I currently have the narrow mouth and much prefer it.  I always ended up splashing my face with water when I had the wide mouth, that could just be because I'm clumsy though! They are fantastic to take out on your adventures to stay hydrated!

2. Hiking Boots
     A new pair of hiking boots is a perfect gift for your outdoor enthusiast.  I picked up these super cute, affordable, and comfy pair this fall and they have been a solid addition to my hiking footwear! You can check out my full review of them HERE

3. World Map Wall Hanging
     Tapestries are very popular right now, and what better way to show your love for travel and adventure than with a world map wall hanging.

4. Passport Cover
     A cute passport cover for your international traveler.

5. Backpack
     Another very practical gift.  I know I personally use my backpack all the time especially when I go out hiking and when I'm traveling.

6. Travel Mug
     When I go hiking I like to rise early and spend the early hours of the day outside, which requires lots of coffee.  I always take a mug of coffee with me on my drive to the mountains! I have this exact mug, but in grey and it's perfect.  It keeps my coffee steaming hot!

7. Instant Coffee
     Instant coffee is great for if your camping or if you have a long drive to the mountains and are going to need a couple refills on your coffee.  Pack a large canister of hot water for long trips so you can keep the coffee flowing without having to stop!

     Hopefully these few ideas are helpful for you in your Christmas shopping!

Be Wistful and Wander,

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