Bookish Gift Guide

As a book nerd, someone who has worked at a bookstore, and one who is also very involved in the book community online, I have come across many adorable bookish items over the years.  Since Christmas is almost here I thought I would put together a little gift guide to help you buy the perfect gift for the book nerd in your life!

     Now there are a TON of book inspired candle companies out there so you have a lot of options.  I found this wonderful blog post HERE that has a list of all the different companies you can purchase them from (thank goodness I didn't have to put that list together! lol).  There are candles out there for pretty much any fandom you can think of.  I'm already a candle hoarder and whenever I see bookish candles on my Instagram feed I just want to buy all of them, but I've refrained from doing so and I only own one bookish candle.  The one that I own is the Edgar Allen Poe candle from Paddywax and it smells amazing!  A few other companies that I have looked at before and see a lot around Instagram are The Melting Library and Frostbeard Studio.

     Litographs is an awesome company that takes the words from your favorite books and creates beautiful shirts and other merchandise.  My personal favorite is the Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas design!

     Coffee mugs are another thing that I just can't resist buying and I love when I get them as gifts too.  A lot of people drink warm beverages while they read, why not drink out of a mug that is decorated with your favorite book!? There are many places you can find bookish coffee mugs, but a good place to start is Society6

     Not only does Society 6 have coffee mugs, but you can also get all the beautiful bookish designs on home decor items such as throw pillows and tapestries!

     Don't you hate it when you have a book in a bag and when you pull it out the edges are all bent up and worn from being jostled around? Book Beau is a great way to save your books from the wear and tear of traveling inside bags.  Just slip your books inside these adorably designed sleeves and you're good to go!

6. TEA
     Need something to drink out of your mug? Get some book inspired tea!

     So you need light to be able to read, known fact.  How about a reading light that looks like a book?? It's the perfect light to read by, and when you're not using it just slide it onto your bookshelf! 

     A pretty obvious one, but a book lover is never going to be disappointed in the gift of a book. If you don't know which book to get them, just give them a gift card.  Most readers actually enjoy shopping for books and could probably spend hours in the book store sifting through all the books. Some book retailers are Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart, Parnassus Books, and Amazon.  For the thrifty reader try BookOutlet, Half Price Books, Books-A-Million, or Thrift Books so they can get even more books because they are used and a lot cheaper!

     Hopefully this has helped you a little bit with your holiday shopping.  And whoever pulled my name for the family secret santa, I wouldn't mind any of these gifts ;)


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