Rock Island State Park

     This weekend I took a much needed drive out of town with a friend to Rock Island State Park in Tennessee.  For myself, and many other friends I have talked to, this past week was just one of those weeks. Not real great emotionally, circumstantially, or physically.  Those weeks are typically few and far between for me, but when they do hit me I like to give in to a bit of escapism.  As much as I enjoy the city I really needed to get away for a little bit.  This weekend was the perfect weekend to do it too! The weather here in Nashville has been so up and down and while the beginning of the week was cool and rainy, this weekend has been sunny with temps close to 80.  

     So we hit the road after grabbing some breakfast and made the hour and a half drive out of the city.  For being such a nice weekend, there surprisingly weren't a ton of people out there that we saw.  This was my first time visiting Rock Island and I most definitely need to make another trip out there because there is so much to do! We only scratched the surface of activities yesterday, but we saw some pretty incredible sights.

     After a pitstop at the visitors center to pick up some maps and ask a few questions we made our way into the park.  The first sight you run into is the old three story Falls City Cotton Mill.  I have an odd love for abandoned falling apart buildings so this beauty had my full attention.

     What caught my attention even more was the structure across the street.  This magical structure looked like something straight out of a fairytale.  I didn't get a picture of it, but on the backside is a reservoir of water that they used for everyday life back in the day. My nerdy history loving self was delighted by this unexpected historical treat!

     At the same parking lot there is also an access point that takes you down to the water where you can walk through the rocks and the river to get over to the main waterfall, Twin Falls, as well as a lookout point for two other waterfalls. 

     This little guy is also on your way down to the river. 

     Now there are stairs at the very beginning of the trail, but the trail quickly disappears and then you just make your own path.  There is a lot of water running everywhere, over the path as well, so definitely watch where you're stepping because there are many slick spots.  Twin Falls is a man made waterfall so the water is actually seeping through the rocks, not flowing over the edge.  You can walk through the river to reach Twin Falls, or you can drive a little farther down the road to the other side of the river and take the trail down to right in front of the falls.  That is what we opted to do and it was a lot easier to access the falls that way.    

     Those were the two things that we did at the park, but there are a ton of other things your can do there like kayaking, swimming, camping, hiking, etc.  You could probably spend a whole week there exploring, which actually sounds like a pretty great idea! That is for sure going to be added to my to do list for next summer.  

     This was a very relaxing trip, we didn't really have any specific goals or plans for the park so we just moseyed around and came across a couple antique shops and some delicious country cooking which we then had to walk off a bit on the train tracks before we headed back to Nashville.

     Like usual, the weekend went way too fast, but it was relaxing which was the goal.  Hope you all had a relaxing adventurous weekend as well! 
Be Wistful and Wander,


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