November 1, 2017

     Not too much to share with you all.  I had a pretty low key weekend and I sadly didn't do anything very exciting for Halloween.  Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I just wasn't feeling like partaking in the crazy Nashville night life.  Maybe next year! 

     I did check out The Patterson House though on Saturday night and it is probably my new favorite bar in town.  Super classy place and I highly recommend checking it out! I also did some exploring in the woods on Sunday morning and snapped a few pictures.  Just my luck though, my camera battery died while I was out on my adventure. Still got quite a few shots though.

     Since I do love Halloween, I couldn't let yesterday pass without doing some sort of celebrating. I baked some scones and watched Practical Magic (my favorite movie ever).  Super exciting, I know! 

     Hope you all had a great Halloween though!

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