Weekend Adventures | Radnor Lake

     This weekend I had the luxury of free time and I used it to my advantage. I laced up my new hiking boots and hit the trails! I obviously took my camera with me, because I just can't resist when I know there's going to be gorgeous views, and I snapped a few pictures.
     This post is going to be more showing than telling, but I will say a few words first.  Most of these pictures are from Radnor Lake in Brentwood, which if you've never been it's absolutely gorgeous.  Radnor is a nature preserve so there is no off trail hiking allowed and you can't have animals, picnics, that kind of stuff on the trail and you also can't run. For a full list of do's and don'ts you can check out their website HERE.
     Because it is a nature preserve the woods and lake are beautiful and pristine. I spent a couple hours out there two days in a row and it was so peaceful.  Definitely a take a deep breath, let it all out, ahhh kind of place.  I also lucked out with the weather because it was perfect for hiking.  We're finally starting to get some fall temperatures here in Nashville, not consistently, but hey it's a start.  The air was cool and crisp and it made my cheeks rosy and cold to the touch.  Just chilly enough to throw on a flannel, but I still worked up a sweat hiking.  Absolutely perfect.
     So here's a few pictures from my adventures this weekend. What adventures did you go on?

     On my way to Radnor I drove past the agricultural center and had to pull over to take a picture of these beautiful creatures grazing in the morning fog.  It was such a magical view!


I was house sitting as well so I got to bring along Lucy with me one day! 

Be wistful and wander,

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