Striving for Simplicity

     1. The state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded
     2. Freedom from pretense
     3. Directness of expression
     This idea of simplicity, of living simply, is something that's really been on my mind this past week. Living extravagantly seems to be the thing to strive for with my generation.  I see so many people my age spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes, makeup, electronics, cars, etc. the list could go on for awhile. That rich and famous lifestyle that we're bombarded with by the media every single day is what people are trying to reach, and for the majority of people it's just not attainable.  That is something many people don't realize though until it's too late.  While there are lot of people who are living way above their means, like in any generation, I've started seeing more and more people who are trying to live simply and it's so encouraging.

    I've always known this, but it hit me again this month that I can't take any of my belongings with me when I die.  That's kind of a duh statement, but this past year I haven't really been living that way. Not that I've ever been a huge spender, I'm actually a very frugal person, but I've been very wasteful with money.  I've been spending money whenever I feel like it on things that aren't really necessary. I've spent money to try and live up to societies standards. The trendiest clothes (trying to keep up with all the Music City fashion bloggers), coffee from every hipster joint in town (which Nashville has an abundance of), home decor (how many more knick knacks do I really need?), things that just aren't necessities.  Now I'm not saying any of those things are bad, because I think all of them are pretty great, but that $4 coffee here and there really adds up.  I looked closely at my budget at the beginning of the month and realized that since I moved to Nashville I've been burning through a couple hundred dollars every month and I couldn't tell you where all of it went. I just want to smack myself! I could've already been so much closer to my next adventure or my next music project. I'm tired of wasting money on stupid material things.  I'd rather spend that money on experiences and memories that will make lasting impressions on me and expand my knowledge of the world and the people in it.  

     While living a simple life will allow me to save money to be able to travel and experience the world, I was not expecting in this first month to already feel the second and third definitions of simplicity.  Freedom from pretense and directness of expression.  It has been an incredibly freeing feeling to ignore societal standards.  Instead of going out on the weekends I have had the privilege to witness gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, waterfalls, and mountains.  I've spent more time behind my camera lens capturing these beautiful sights the past couple weeks than I have the past couple months.  I've worn clothes that have been sitting in my closet because I wasn't sure if they were trendy enough, and I haven't tried putting myself into just one style category (hello colorful clothes, it's been awhile since we've seen each other). And I've felt great in every outfit! I've spent tons of time doing things that I love and that bring me joy instead of doing what everyone else is doing or what I think a person my age should be doing.  Starting this journey of simplicity and purposeful living has helped me take control of my time, happiness, and creativity.  

   Overall I'd say it's been a pretty positive change in my life and I wished I had started sooner! Does anyone else strive for a simplistic life? What are some ways that you live simply?
Be Wistful and Wander,


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