Silence and Serenity

I haven't always been a morning person, in fact I kind of love my sleep, but I've started pushing myself to wake up earlier and take advantage of the morning the past couple of weeks. With each passing day I am becoming more of a morning person because of those beautiful and serene morning hours. That stretch of time when the sun is slowly rising, the air is crisp, coffee is brewing, and there's a peaceful quiet everywhere.  Everything seems new and refreshed.  I've found that quiet calm to be a time of processing, reflection, and discovery.  It is the ideal environment for deep thought.

Now considering that I don't start work until 10am, my 'early' isn't all that early for some people, but for me 7am is fairly early. On Saturday though I decided to get up at 6am, crazy I know, and drive to Percy Priest Lake to watch the sunrise and have some quiet time.  Luckily for me I only live about 10 minutes from the lake! Unfortunately, I hit my snooze button too many times so the sunrise started while I was still driving there, but I caught the very end of it when I arrived. It was absolutely breathtaking. Pinks, purples, orange, was beautiful. What sunrise or sunset isn't pretty though, right?

Witnessing the beauty of God's creation at work is something that brings me so much joy and happiness. I delight in the creators handiwork because it is crazy and wonderful and amazing and mind boggling! I could go on for a while down this rabbit hole so I'll stop myself now and shift back to what this post is actually about.

Anyway, there were some other cars when I got there, but for the most part it was just me for awhile because most of those people were out on boats.  So that worked out great! I brought my camera equipment, journal, devotional, and coffee. I was set. I did pictures first to take advantage of the perfect morning light and tried to capture the beauty of it, but it's such a hard thing to do.  I love photography, but I feel like nature is one of those things that you can never fully capture the beauty of .  In my opinion, it's rare to find a picture that's more beautiful than seeing the actual thing in person.  I tried though, I really did.  I haven't been doing much landscape photography for the past couple years since I've been more focused on portrait photography, so I'm a little rusty.  It's been a nice change of pace though! While my portrait editing style tends to be more desaturated, I've loved being able to preserve the natural colors and enhance them.  It's been a nice shift in my post processing routine!

I was sipping on my coffee the whole time, because coffee is vital to my survival, but after I snapped a few pictures I sat down with my coffee and my books and had some quiet time. I know some people are journal people, some are not, but I most definitely am.  I've always been a more reserved person so journaling along with songwriting have always been my way of getting all my thoughts out. It's a safe place, cozy and comfortable, where I can say what I need to say and process what I'm feeling and what's going on in my life.

So I did my journaling and reading, all the while being distracted by the view in front of me. Do you ever just sit and stare in awe of something?  Like when something effects you so strongly there are no words you can say so you just silently sit there and stare at the amazing thing before you? I find myself doing that a lot when I'm out in nature and I was most definitely doing that on Saturday morning. Sights like that fill me up with a peace and wonder like no other. I always take a deep breath and just let go of all the things worrying my mind and bask in the beauty of the moment. Lakes especially have this affect on me because they take me back to my childhood of going to the lake all summer. Specifically going to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri with all my family and waking up early to go fishing with my grandpa. Those early mornings with him are some of the best peaceful moments I'll ever have.

So I hope you all are able to find something that brings your spirit peace and I hope you all have had an amazing weekend!


  1. Gosh your images combined with your writing style is beautiful. I love your blog (found it through your Instagram).

    Rebekah-Hannah x

    1. Oh thank you so much!! I really appreciate the kind words!