Let's Get Lost

I've always been a huge fan of anything magical or fantastical, and if you know me it's pretty apparent. Fantasy is my absolute favorite genre and that crosses through many different avenues.  Books and movies/tv are the obvious ones, but I'm also obsessed with moody and magical looking photography and also music as well.  Dark and moody is my favorite way to edit photos and to me it gives a photo a slightly magical element to it.  For example, in these pictures I took in the woods, because I made the wooded area so dark it looks like there could be magical things lurking behind trees or you could stumble upon a cottage.  The person inside could be good, could be bad, you never know.  That's the magic of stories and that makes them all the more exciting. I'm nowhere near a professional photographer, but I love playing around with photos and seeing what stories I can create with them.

For some reason, fantasy isn't always taken as seriously as other genres, and to be quite frank with you all, I think that is absolute crap! The fantasy genre deserves every amount of recognition that other genres get.  Just because humans can't actually shoot fire out of their hands and dragons aren't actually real doesn't mean that it's not relevant.  As someone who's bookshelf is probably 98% fantasy, I can attest to that.  The circumstances and details may not be realistic, but the basic emotions and inner struggles that those characters go through are very real. Those stories have helped millions of people work through their own struggles and become better people.  

Some people say that fantasy is a form of escapism, and I'm sure that some people do have very unhealthy tendencies when it comes to reading and watching fantasy, but there are many people who just really really enjoy it.  To a certain degree, I do think it is escapism, but if you've watched the news lately you know that there is a lot of crap going on in this world and I for one would like a reprieve from it.  The news is depressing and there is tragedy going on in every corner of the world.  If you have the chance for a little sliver of happiness, even if it's just for a couple hours, I say you take it. Read that fantasy novel, watch that show, walk through the woods and take pictures, pretend you're on an epic adventure.  Be like Bilbo Baggins! 

And all of that rambling was just to show you some pictures that I took on my day off that turned out kind of magical! I do love pretending that I'm on an epic adventure when I'm out in nature though, anybody else? 
My advice for you all today is to turn on a movie soundtrack (The Hobbit and LOTR soundtracks are A++), run through the trees (don't run into any), or frolic in a field of flowers (avoid the poison ivy though). If you're anything like me you'll feel 10x better when you're done. Get lost on a mini adventure of your own and find a little slice of happiness.

Be Wistful and Wander,