Discovery Expedition Hiking Boots | Review


     As I'm sure you all have noticed, I've started hiking a lot more in the past couple months. A perk of moving to Tennessee! While I'm usually fine hiking in sneakers, my current pair are extremely slippery which has not mixed well with the terrain here.  After multiple times of almost twisting my ankle I decided to get myself an actual pair of hiking boots!

     Now if you've ever looked into hiking boots, or walked into an R.E.I store, you know that they can be extremely expensive! I personally can't afford the almost $400 pair of boots that Reece Witherspoon wore in the movie Wild, but if you can they are a very popular brand of hiking boots that look amazing.  The price on the link below is actually a sale price, the regular price for these bad boys is $380.  Apparently they last forever though, so hopefully you get your money's worth!

     I, being the poor 20 something year old, the starving artist if you will, can not dish out that kind of change for a pair of hiking boots no matter how bad I would like to.  So instead of spending $400, I spent $50 and got this pair from Discovery Expedition!

     Fun fact for you all, the Discovery Expedition brand is owned by the Discovery Channel. If you shop through Amazon (link above) you can get this pair and many other pairs that are very similar to these for $50 instead of $69 (every penny counts!). I did quite a bit of looking online and this was really the only pair of boots I found that fit into the price range I wanted and also had the look I wanted.  Unfortunately the hiking boot industry doesn't think that women want classic leather hiking boots as much as men do. The majority of the lower price range boots were the very colorful sneaker looking hiking shoes, which is not my jam. Buying online is always a gamble, but I decided to go for it and I ordered them.

     Overall, I really like these boots! They look great and can definitely be worn off the trails as well.  They are pretty comfortable too.  I went for a couple mile hike the other day and I didn't start to feel my feet hurt until the very end.  That was more my fault though because I didn't wear thick enough socks and my feet were sliding around, which caused huge blisters on the bottom of my heels!  So definitely make sure you wear thick enough socks so that your feet stay in place.  After my blister fiasco I added another thin cushioned insole before my next hike and they felt great the whole time! 
     I felt that they ran very true to size as well and there was plenty of width so my wide feet didn't feel squished at all.  For the price you get a really decent boot.  They're going to protect the bottom of your feet and your ankles and will keep your feet dry.  They are not real leather so the synthetic material does squeak a little when you walk, but I think that's something that will go away with time and wear.

     This purchase was an A+ in my books and I will be wearing them hopefully for a long time! If you have any more questions about them just let me know!

Be Wistful and Wander,


  1. I need to buy my wife a pair of hiking boots, and I think the discovery expedition adventure mid hiking boots is the perfect choice. I am sure she will love the comfortable textile lining. I also found alternative options for men here:

    1. yeah they're a pretty good boot for the price! thanks for checking out my review!

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