An Afternoon With Goats goats...I repeat, BABY GOATS!! 

     I feel so ashamed and embarrassed that I somehow completely forgot to share with you all the heartwarming experience I had a couple of weeks ago of frolicking with goat. Okay, so I didn't really frolic, but you get the point. I got to hang out with BABY GOATS (and some adult ones too, who are still very adorable), and I took a bunch of pictures and completely forgot about them on my camera.  How do you forget about goat pictures?! I don't understand it, but somehow it happened.

     I hung out with these cuties at Radio Cafe with Nashvilles very own Shenanigoats, who I just found out are getting their very own published goat yoga book. Pretty awesome, right? I thought so! These little guys were so adorable and friendly, the only thing that would've made it better is if they had been in pajamas. I would've been in heaven.
     So without further adieu, more goat pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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