Taking Time For Tea

     I feel like that sums up American culture and standards pretty well.  Everyone is constantly doing things and it's viewed as a good thing.  We almost brag about it as well.  I'd bet that everyone has had a conversation along the lines of, "Hey, how have you been?", to which you've replied, "I've been SO busy!" Like we're super proud of the fact that we're extremely stressed out and exhausted.  

Discovery Expedition Hiking Boots | Review


     As I'm sure you all have noticed, I've started hiking a lot more in the past couple months. A perk of moving to Tennessee! While I'm usually fine hiking in sneakers, my current pair are extremely slippery which has not mixed well with the terrain here.  After multiple times of almost twisting my ankle I decided to get myself an actual pair of hiking boots!

Striving for Simplicity

     1. The state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded
     2. Freedom from pretense
     3. Directness of expression
     This idea of simplicity, of living simply, is something that's really been on my mind this past week. Living extravagantly seems to be the thing to strive for with my generation.  I see so many people my age spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes, makeup, electronics, cars, etc. the list could go on for awhile. That rich and famous lifestyle that we're bombarded with by the media every single day is what people are trying to reach, and for the majority of people it's just not attainable.  That is something many people don't realize though until it's too late.  While there are lot of people who are living way above their means, like in any generation, I've started seeing more and more people who are trying to live simply and it's so encouraging.

Weekend Adventures | Radnor Lake

     This weekend I had the luxury of free time and I used it to my advantage. I laced up my new hiking boots and hit the trails! I obviously took my camera with me, because I just can't resist when I know there's going to be gorgeous views, and I snapped a few pictures.
     This post is going to be more showing than telling, but I will say a few words first.  Most of these pictures are from Radnor Lake in Brentwood, which if you've never been it's absolutely gorgeous.  Radnor is a nature preserve so there is no off trail hiking allowed and you can't have animals, picnics, that kind of stuff on the trail and you also can't run. For a full list of do's and don'ts you can check out their website HERE.
     Because it is a nature preserve the woods and lake are beautiful and pristine. I spent a couple hours out there two days in a row and it was so peaceful.  Definitely a take a deep breath, let it all out, ahhh kind of place.  I also lucked out with the weather because it was perfect for hiking.  We're finally starting to get some fall temperatures here in Nashville, not consistently, but hey it's a start.  The air was cool and crisp and it made my cheeks rosy and cold to the touch.  Just chilly enough to throw on a flannel, but I still worked up a sweat hiking.  Absolutely perfect.
     So here's a few pictures from my adventures this weekend. What adventures did you go on?

Let's Get Lost

I've always been a huge fan of anything magical or fantastical, and if you know me it's pretty apparent. Fantasy is my absolute favorite genre and that crosses through many different avenues.  Books and movies/tv are the obvious ones, but I'm also obsessed with moody and magical looking photography and also music as well.  Dark and moody is my favorite way to edit photos and to me it gives a photo a slightly magical element to it.  For example, in these pictures I took in the woods, because I made the wooded area so dark it looks like there could be magical things lurking behind trees or you could stumble upon a cottage.  The person inside could be good, could be bad, you never know.  That's the magic of stories and that makes them all the more exciting. I'm nowhere near a professional photographer, but I love playing around with photos and seeing what stories I can create with them.

Silence and Serenity

I haven't always been a morning person, in fact I kind of love my sleep, but I've started pushing myself to wake up earlier and take advantage of the morning the past couple of weeks. With each passing day I am becoming more of a morning person because of those beautiful and serene morning hours. That stretch of time when the sun is slowly rising, the air is crisp, coffee is brewing, and there's a peaceful quiet everywhere.  Everything seems new and refreshed.  I've found that quiet calm to be a time of processing, reflection, and discovery.  It is the ideal environment for deep thought.