Stephan's Gap

Weekends are best used for adventure in my opinion, whether that is trying out a new coffee shop in town or driving two hours to explore a cave.  I opted to do the latter of those two last weekend.  My friend Liza and I ventured into Alabama to check out Stephan's Gap and let me tell you, we were not disappointed!

After a .8 mile hike in we found ourselves with two options.  
This is definitely the advanced option, and I am by no means advanced.  If you enjoy repelling though, this would be your entrance.  This drops down into the main part of the cave where the natural pedestal is (pictured farther down)
This is the average person entrance (me).  You shimmy your way down the slippery rocks into the cave.  I would highly recommend shoes with good grip on them!
view of the entrance from the inside
both entrances 
As you make your way down into the cave there is a point just inside the mouth of the cave where the temperature drastically drops.  It's such an odd sensation, but it felt incredible compared to the hot and humid summer weather.
Nature always amazes me, but this was of those places where my jaw dropped and I was just in awe of the beauty of this natural creation that man has had nothing to do with.  Being in nature like that always a reminder of how great God is and how creative He is.  
We spent a couple hours in there and took a ton of pictures, so here are some of those pictures for your viewing pleasure! 
pedestal in the bottom middle

Would 10/10 recommend checking this place out if you get the chance!

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