Cummins Falls State Park

     One of my favorite things about moving to Tennessee has been the abundance of hiking areas.  I've always loved to hike, but I'm from Iowa where everything is flat, so until I moved to Nashville I only had opportunities to hike when I traveled out of state.  Now I can go hike whenever I want and it's only a short drive to the nearest trail.
     This weekends adventure led myself and my friend Liza an hour and a half outside of Nashville to Cummins Falls State Park, one of the many parks in Tennessee with a waterfall.

     The leaves are just on the cusp of turning down here in the south.  If they're not still bright summery green they're at that odd yellow stage with the random red or orange leaf mixed in.  Whatever stage the trees are in though, they are beautiful all the same!

     As you can see in the picture above, the waterfall is pretty far down below the cliffs.  We figured it would be a pretty simple hike in (not sure why we thought that), and in reality it probably should've been, but in typical fashion we chose the hardest path to get there.  So you hike down the trail, which is super easy, to the riverbank and from there you go through the river to get to the waterfall.  Instead of just following the easiest path through, we decided to scale the side of the ravine to try and bypass walking through the cold water again. Smart, I know. 10/10 would probably not recommend doing that.  Just follow the path kids, just follow the path. 

     We did eventually make it to the waterfall though and it was absolutely gorgeous! Luckily we started out shortly after the park opened so we missed the biggest crowd of people, but there were still quite a few people swimming and exploring.  I'm definitely going to take another trip here next summer when it's hot and take a dip in the water!

Hope you all had an opportunity for adventure this weekend!!

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