Cummins Falls State Park

     One of my favorite things about moving to Tennessee has been the abundance of hiking areas.  I've always loved to hike, but I'm from Iowa where everything is flat, so until I moved to Nashville I only had opportunities to hike when I traveled out of state.  Now I can go hike whenever I want and it's only a short drive to the nearest trail.
     This weekends adventure led myself and my friend Liza an hour and a half outside of Nashville to Cummins Falls State Park, one of the many parks in Tennessee with a waterfall.

Stephan's Gap

Weekends are best used for adventure in my opinion, whether that is trying out a new coffee shop in town or driving two hours to explore a cave.  I opted to do the latter of those two last weekend.  My friend Liza and I ventured into Alabama to check out Stephan's Gap and let me tell you, we were not disappointed!