St. Louis

     St. Louis has always been a drive by city for me.  I drive right by downtown St. Louis every time I go to Nashville, which has been quite a few times.  In February I played my first show there, but was only there for one night so I really didn't get to see anything.  This time though I was there for three days and I loved it! 
     This past Tuesday myself, my mom, and our friend made the 6ish hour drive down, which surprisingly went pretty fast.  Tuesday night I played a show at BB's Jazz, Blues, & Soups (pictured above) and it was a super awesome venue.  It's literally one block away from the baseball stadium downtown where there just so happened to be a game against the Cubs.  To say that there was a little traffic would be an understatement.  Besides that, it was a fantastic night.  BB's has a very New Orleans type of vibe, and not just because there are pictures of blues and jazz legends everywhere.  When you're inside you feel like you're in a jazz club in New Orleans.  The architecture, the music, the menu.  Me being obsessed with New Orleans made me immediately love the place when I walked in.  

     The icing on the cake though was the special musical treat that we got after I played.  The extremely talented blues singer Barbara Carr joined the band on stage and sang a couple of songs.  I had never heard of Barbara Carr before, but the sound guy filled me in a little bit.  
So I guess Barbara started around the same time as Etta James, and obviously everyone knows who Etta James is so she kind of got overshadowed by her.  In the last couple of years though she has started to get the recognition she deserves.  She has a powerhouse voice and a whole lot of sass.  For being 75 years old she was shaking it up there on stage like a 20 year old! If you check out the clip I posted on Instagram you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!
     Wednesday we had the whole day to do fun touristy things so that is exactly what we did.  We spent pretty much all day in Forest Park which is gorgeous.  We started off at the history museum which had some really awesome exhibits.  It was so interesting to learn the history of St. Louis.  My favorite was there special exhibit though which was about the little black dress.  It followed the 'little black dress' history starting from when it was a symbol of mourning to the modern day black dresses including a black wedding dress which was beautiful!  We also visited the zoo and just drove around the park and admired all the beautiful buildings. Unfortunately I forgot my camera back at the hotel so I had to take pictures with my phone.

Our hotel was full of chandeliers,which I was obsessed with!

History Museum 

Worlds Fair Pavilion

     After our full day of exploring I played a show at Evangeline's Bistro and Music House.  Evangeline's was the place I played at back in February and I loved it just as much the second time around.  It's another one of those places with a strong New Orleans vibe and the food there is delicious.  If you ever go you have to try the tabasco shrimp and the shrimp Po' Boy.  You won't be disappointed!
     Besides the outlet mall we hit up before we headed home, that is pretty much everything that we did in our short stay.  St. Louis is such a beautiful city full of rich history.  I can't wait to visit again so  I can see even more of it!
     What's your favorite thing to do in St. Louis?

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