Nashville | Fall 2015

     If you follow me on any of my social media pages you've probably seen that I spent 10 days down in Nashville.  I typically venture down there a couple times a year to play some shows, record, and work with Lighthouse Music.  This time around my focus was on playing shows so I played a show almost every night I was there and it was fantastic! I met so many great people and musicians, got to share the stage with wonderful writers, and got to really explore Nashville more in depth.  It doesn't even feel like I was down there for over a week, the time flew! It's really true what they say, time flies when you're having fun! (cheesy, I know) Anyway, I thought I would put all the pictures from my trip in one place for your viewing pleasure.  There are pictures I posted on my social sites while I was there plus some extra ones!
     Big thank you to everyone who came out to the shows, all the musicians who let me share the stage with them, all the venues for hosting live music, and huge thanks to Lighthouse Music (aka Michelle) for booking all those shows for me. I had a blast!


  1. Hey! Saw you on YT via Reverb- love your voice! Keep it up, always, no matter who is listening! We've all gotta lift each other up, ya know?

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