Living With Less

     Last October I wrote a blog post titled Striving For Simplicity, which you can read here. I had really great intentions going into last winter, but I didn't quite execute them the way I really wanted to.  I still believe everything that I wrote in that post and want to live my daily life that way, but life distracted me and it was put on the back burner the past year.  2018 has been a busy year with working towards starting up my new business [ Runa Creative Co. if you haven't checked it out yet :) ], and just working in general.  Now I haven't completely failed in my venture to live a more simple life.  I have saved a good chunk of money, I've also had a lot of expenses though, and have had a lot of really great experiences.  My goal though starting this fall is to take that to the next level.

Life's A Changin'

     Ahhhh, blogging, it has been a minute since I've sat down and just written about what's going on in life.  I suppose it's because this year has been busy busy busy with lots of new things happening.  It's already the end of August and I feel like the year just began.  What is happening!? Time needs to slow down majorly. Whenever I have that feeling of time going fast I always stop and start questioning whether I'm savoring life like I should be. Am I really living a joyful life and viewing each day as a blessing? A lot of days I would probably say no, which makes me kind of sad.  I want to enjoy each day like it is my last and really live a joy filled life.
     This year I've been working towards living the joy filled life that I dream of and I've got to say, I've made a lot of progress so far! It's been hard work ( I think it'll always be hard work), but most things that you really want are.
     As of today I am a full time boss lady! Today marks the first day of working from home full time running Runa Creative Co., my photography and graphic design business! It's super exciting but also kind of terrifying at the same time.  Exciting because I'm in complete control of my time, I woke up with only a coffee date and vocal recording session on my schedule for today, but also terrifying because there's always the worry of whether or not I'll have enough clients each month to pay the bills.  At the same time though I'm a pretty calm person, so when I say terrifying that actually just translates to me being slightly worried every once in awhile!
     I technically reopened shop at the beginning of July and I've had a pretty successful soft launch already which gave me a confidence boost.  With anything in life, I'm one who believes things will work out the way they are supposed to, so I'm believing that everything is going to work out perfectly! With that said though, I am actually working really hard to make that a reality.
     Things are also going really well on the music front.  If you've listened to my new song, Calm Rage, you know that I've changed musical directions a bit.  I've shifted my sound to a more cinematic pop sound, one because I love it, but also with the goal of getting film and tv placements. I've gotten a couple of holds on a few of my songs for placement, nothing solid yet though.  Calm Rage just came out July 1st though and it's gotten placed on multiple Spotify playlists as well as been featured on Nashville Off Beat which is really exciting! I'm working hard on getting more songs written and recorded and getting them out into the world.  I'm in the studio recording vocals three days this week. One cinematic song (probably my new favorite!), one folkish relationship song, and believe it or not, a Christmas song!
     On another note, this summer has been blazing hot in Nashville and I am sooooo ready for Fall. The best time of the year. I'm ready to not sweat like I just ran a marathon every time I go outside. Is that really too much to ask!? haha
     Some other life tidbits. I moved in May and am loving my new location, I've been rocking the baby bangs since Spring, I've lost some weight *pats self on back*, made some new friends, spent a lot of time outside, visited my family this month and ate way too much fair food, spent time bettering myself, and worked a lot.
     My dreamer mind has been racing with this new found freedom of being able to work from anywhere since all of my work is on the computer.  There's so many places I want to visit and explore.  This next year I want to do a lot more traveling around the United States and go home to visit my family more often while I'm saving up to be able to take a trip overseas in 2020 or late 2019 if I'm lucky! There's so many places I want to visit over there.  Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland... If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I really want to take the Ancestry DNA test and then visit all of the countries my ancestors came from!
    That was a lot of rambling, but I tried to keep it short! Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Gutknecht Family, August 2018


My Travel Bucket List

     Considering that the word Wandering is in the name of my blog, it's probably pretty obvious that I love to travel.  I really do love to travel whether it's a day trip to a town an hour or so away or if it's a plane ride away.  I just really enjoy visiting new places and exploring.  So like many other people I have a list of places that I hope to visit someday.  This list is always growing but at the moment, here are a couple of places that are giving me major wanderlust!